Setting an Out-of-Office Message

An out-of-office message can be used when you will be out of contact for a length of time.

To set your out-of-office message, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Webmail system ( )
  2. Enter your Email Address and current Password to login
  3. Click the Settings link in the top right of the page (this appears as 3 horizontal bars in newer versions; next to your email address)
  4. Click the Incoming E-mail section which appears on the left side of the settings pop-up window.
  5. Change the Status in the Auto-reply tab to On (or Off to disable) by clicking the appropriate dot.
  6. Enter your out-of-office message in the Auto-Reply Message box
  7. If you only want the auto-reply to work during a specific time period, check the Enable only during the following time frame box, and select starting and ending dates and times
  8. Click the Save button
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