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Hello there! Want to create new mailboxes or delete old ones? Good news! You have the ability to manage mailboxes, update passwords, as well as create aliases (forwarding addresses) by using your My Newline account. (assuming you host your email with us.)

Visit and log-in using your organization's credentials. If you don't know your credentials, just click the "Retrieve login information" link and enter your email address to have them mailed to you. (Note: this will only work for users who are listed as organization contacts in our system).

Once you have logged in, access your mailbox management area by going to the Services tab--you'll see all of your email mailbox information on the right side of the screen.

You can delete mailboxes by selecting the red X next to a mailbox or update passwords for any mailbox by clicking on the mailbox name. Create new mailboxes by selecting the "add mailbox" button.

Please note: email passwords have some specific requirements. If they are not met you will receive an error code. Here are the requirements:

  1. Passwords must contain at least 8 characters.
  2. Passwords cannot contain:

a) 3 or more consecutive numerals-e.g., 567, 1234, 98765;
b) The word "password.";
c) The mailbox user name.;
d) The mailbox domain name.


You'll also notice that you can see your mailbox limit here, the storage space in use for each mailbox, as well as your forwarding alias email addresses. You can create an unlimited number of forwarding alias addresses. (for example, if I wanted to forward email to, it could be created here.)

A quick overview of the rest of My Newline:

My Newline also has a number of other available features, such as support tickets. You can create a support ticket at any time by clicking the "New Ticket" link on the dashboard. You can also send support requests directly to and they will automatically filter into our support system.

The last portion of My Newline is the Account tab. In the Account tab you can update your log-in information, and keep your organization's information and contact information up to date. All of this feeds directly into our system, and makes it easy for us to monitor who is authorized to make requests and changes to your services, or who to get in touch with should there be an issue of any kind.

Lastly, while in the Account section you can also select the "Recurring Services" button, and it will take you to a breakdown of all of your current services and monthly hosting information.

My Newline keeps you in control of your services!


Questions? Comments? Ideas? Go for it!

Owen Roth

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